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A Guide to Building and Scaling 
a Restoration Empire


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This new breakthrough book from Alex Duta is the step-by-step guide on building a restoration business and overcoming personal struggle. 

The Book

I don’t mind getting my hands dirty. If you’re a restorer, my guess is you don’t mind getting yours dirty, either. That’s what I love about our industry —the “humble hustle” we all share.  

Let’s be honest. . . . 

Some of us have listened in on a fire scanner.  
Plenty of us have waded through flooded basements to save lost pets. 
Many of us have helped crying grandmas just after they lost everything they held dear.  

As restorers, that’s just who we are, and what we do. We have the kind of can-do attitude and humble hustle I love. But, as I like to say. . .  

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Hustlers fail at scale.  

If you’re in restoration, you know what I mean — hustle worked, until it didn’t. One day, you were drying carpets, and the next you were running a restoration company.  

Now, you’re looking around for the resources: the business acumen, the cashflow answers, or the simple organizational tools to scale a thriving company. And my guess is, you’ve looked, but those tools have been hard to find, because no one’s ever provided a resource like that, specifically for restorers. That is, until now! 

If you’ve been looking for a single source of truth that shows you not only how to get your restoration company under control but that also helps you scale it into the millions using simple, practical steps, then this is the resource you’ve been waiting for.   

To all my restorers out there, this book’s for you.  


What people are saying about Restoration Millionaire

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My advice to every restoration professional out there? Don’t just read this. Follow it. Take his Restoration Millionaire Method™, implement it wherever you are in your business. Then, grow like crazy, enjoying all the extra time you don’t have to spend figuring it all out the old-fashioned way. Be what Maxwell said: the wisest person, the one who learns from others’ successes.  

Dan Martell, author of Wall Street Journal-bestseller Buy Back Your Time 

Alex Duta & Rico Garcia

Restoration Millionaire is a crucial read for anyone in the restoration industry. Whether you’re at the start of your journey or looking to expand, this book serves as a detailed guide to success. Alex's ability to simplify intricate concepts into practical steps is outstanding. Highly recommended!

Rico Garcia, host of Restoration Domination and Founder of EcoTek Pro Restoration

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I remember the first time a homeowner grabbed my hand and thanked me:

“Thank you for giving me back my home.”

There I was, at eighteen years old, helping a grandma walk into her newly restored home, and when I saw her face light up… ooh! It changed something in me. 

After that, something happened inside me. I became hooked on that feeling of watching someone’s home, and life became fully restored right in front of me.

Building up and restoring homes became my career for TK years at Romexterra, the first company I grew and scaled to eight figures. Then, I co-founded a platform called Albiware, which is dedicated to helping people in the trades grow and scale their businesses. Today, I coach founders, CEOs, and leaders to become the strong individuals they need to be for their businesses, communities, and homes. 

And no, I wasn’t always there myself — I had my journey I had to live through, first. . .

Reactivity is one way of running your company. But, there’s another way, one that allows you to be proactive, to make decisions on your own, take control of your life and execute what you think is important.  - Alex duta 

About Alex

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About Alex

In 2014, Alex Duta and his father co-founded Romexterra, a fire and water restoration company based out of Chicago, Illinois. As they scaled their own restoration business, Alex recognized the lack of technology solutions built for the restoration industry. So, in 2020, after growing Romexterra to eight figures, Alex co-founded Albi—a software company with the first platform built exclusively for restorers and others in the trades. Albi officially joined Y Combinator in 2022, where they gained interest from a variety of venture capitalists. Albi, their flagship product, went live in 2021, and it’s quickly become the restoration industry’s leading technology solution. In addition to running Albi as the CEO, Alex coaches restorers across North America, and is also a keynote speaker at conferences, such as Albi’s Evolve conference for restorers, launched in 2024.